Resume and Portfolio. You got yours yet?…

I went to a meeting recently and learned a lot about building your resume and portfolio and I would like to share with you what I learned! Since there is so much information I am just going to talk about building a portfolio today.

  • Your portfolio can set you apart (good or bad)
  • Employers want to see varied, but specific skills
  • A portfolio makes you feel at ease in an interview

How to make your portfolio

  1. Realize it’s not the who of who you’ve worked for, but it is proving that you can excel in the particular task or subject.
  2. Results! Put in your portfolio: news stories, photos that document, and show your name in print if at all possible
  3. Make your portfolio organized, easy to follow, and professional. Be creative, but not too “cutesy”. Organize it in a way that you can assist yourself as you tell a potential employer about your skill set.
  4. Begin working on it NOW! Save everything in two places.
  5. Supplement your portfolio with active, professional social media accounts or a blog.
  6. Your portfolio should include: Resume, Cover Letter, Career Summary and Professional Goals, Awards and Honors, Client Feedback and Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Certifications, Degrees, Licenses, Volunteering/Community Service, and References.

In the meeting they recommended a website to get your face out there. It is called Linkedin and was just throwing it out there for anyone who is interested.

I hope this helps those out there who are thinking about a portfolio!


Kim Kardashian Divorce?

First, watch this video about Kim Kardashian getting a divorce.


Wow!! This is what I have to say. This is something that I have heard about for the past few days, and I don’t even watch the news or read the newspaper that much. So I figured this would be a good topic to talk about since I am sure all of the girls are very interested in this topic, and it has hit the media hard.

What I am most shocked about is why they got a divorce. It seems like they did not even want to try to work things out. They could not settle on a place to live. Really!?! To myself I am thinking what have our celebrities come to? Divorces everywhere!

I am sure we are not getting the whole story here, but what do you guys think about the whole situation?

Do you think it is really? Do you think they just split to keep the Kardashian’s show alive (with drama)?

Personally, I think that they should work it out because no one cheated on each other, but that is just my opinion. I think that marriage is a sacred thing, and I feel like they both treated it like it was just another boyfriend or girlfriend.

Getting a Spot in the Spotlight!

I just read a blog by Jackson Wightman from PRDaily, and he talked about how to score that spot in the magazine or newspaper for Christmas.

Even though he gives tips for the Christmas holiday I think that these can also be applied to anytime of the year. This really interested me because I would possibly like to work for a magazine company one day.

Tip 1: Start Early

He says that you need to get your information/article in as soon as possible. DO NOT procrastinate.

Tip 2: Find out who is in charge

This is who you will need to contact.  You will need to know what the deadlines are, who is writing about what, and what categories are being published.

Tip 3: Be short

Keep your pitch short and relevant. You do not want to send and e-mail to whoever is in charge a list of 25 things with a video clip and a link. Keep it short!

Tip 4: Be ready to send high resolution pictures

If you are successful and they liked your pitch, you want to make sure you have pictures ready, especially during Christmas season.


These were some very good tips that I learned and I hope you like them!


It is about who you know.

Recently, there has been this thought on my mind about my career path in PR/Journalism (that is my major here at Southeastern).  One thought that always crosses my mind is that I am not smart enough for this career path, especially after interviewing my PR professional.

After I thought about it, I realized that PR is not all about just being smart.  What my PR professional said was that it was also about who you know.  So that is what keeps me going because I am not definitely not as smart as some PR professionals out there.

I have provided a video clip again from my favorite show The Big Bang Theory, and it just kind of reassures me that the smartest people with the highest IQ’s do not always win…



So as some people may know who read my blog I LOVE the Big Bang Theory. So when I have nothing come to my head I decide to write about the Big Bang Theory.  This video clip is about Facebook. I just wanted to show how Facebook can be easily hacked and so much drama can come from it.

The whole drama thing about Facebook has really been on my mind because of stories I have heard from friends and what not. So anyways, here is the clip! (For some reason it isn’t embedding so just click on the link and it will take you to Youtube. Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone knows how to fix it please let me know!)

Internship Tips!!….Very Helpful!

I was looking at an article to write for my blog and by surprise I came across this one!

It works perfect for me and many college students and graduates. It answers three common questions that college students have.


1. Do I have to have an internship? and if so, how many?

2. How are internships better than what I am learning in school?

3. What do I look for when searching for an internship?

Jonathan Magnin is a PR intern at a major company and offers us college students some answers to these questions from his article on PR Daily.

Answer #1:    He says you don’t have to, but to get a good entry-level paying job you need to.  He says the more the better, but they have to be good internships.  They should pertain to your major and go towards something that you want to do in your future. He suggests doing one every summer between your college years.

Answer #2: Internships are better because they offer you experience.  You cannot gain that experience from college, and that is why you need internships.  He said that companies are more likely to hire a college student who has an internship or two than a student who has all “A’s” in school.

Answer #3: When you are looking for an internship, look for something that suites you.  He said internships are like dating. If you cannot be yourself then it is not worth it.  You don’t want to get an internship at a school if you are not an education major. Does that make sense?  Get an internship within your guidelines.

I know these questions and answers helped me and will help me in the future as well.  Internships are something that none of us really like to do because they offer little or no pay, but in the long run it will help us in our future.

Did this help you?

I hope so! 🙂


This is a video about twitter and I thought it tied in perfect with my PR class. So here it is…

How do journalists use social media? PR pros, take note.

Even though I do not have a twitter, I am seriously considering getting one just so I can be connected.  It is a great way to network and follow PR pros.  You can get ideas like she said in the video, and it is a great way to see what people think about certain ideas you have. It is a great way to get feedback, and to give feedback as well.



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