Resume and Portfolio. You got yours yet?…

I went to a meeting recently and learned a lot about building your resume and portfolio and I would like to share with you what I learned! Since there is so much information I am just going to talk about building a portfolio today.

  • Your portfolio can set you apart (good or bad)
  • Employers want to see varied, but specific skills
  • A portfolio makes you feel at ease in an interview

How to make your portfolio

  1. Realize it’s not the who of who you’ve worked for, but it is proving that you can excel in the particular task or subject.
  2. Results! Put in your portfolio: news stories, photos that document, and show your name in print if at all possible
  3. Make your portfolio organized, easy to follow, and professional. Be creative, but not too “cutesy”. Organize it in a way that you can assist yourself as you tell a potential employer about your skill set.
  4. Begin working on it NOW! Save everything in two places.
  5. Supplement your portfolio with active, professional social media accounts or a blog.
  6. Your portfolio should include: Resume, Cover Letter, Career Summary and Professional Goals, Awards and Honors, Client Feedback and Letters of Recommendation, Transcripts, Certifications, Degrees, Licenses, Volunteering/Community Service, and References.

In the meeting they recommended a website to get your face out there. It is called Linkedin and was just throwing it out there for anyone who is interested.

I hope this helps those out there who are thinking about a portfolio!


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