Always learning new things…

My PR class has been such a great class. I practically knew nothing about public relations, but now after taking the class I definitely know a lot more. I am going to list ten things that I have learned, but do not think this is it, there is a lot more that I learned as well.

1. One major thing I learned was through one of our NewsU courses. It was about interviewing and dealing with those difficult and awkward conversations. One very important thing that really applied to me was that if you are going to let the employee go DO NOT beat around the bush! Get straight to the facts! This is going to be hard for me when I have to let an employee go because I have a hard time being “mean” and upfront.

2. Twitter!!!! Believe it or not, I did not know much about Twitter coming into this class. I did not think it was that important. I thought as long as I have one social network page (Facebook) I am good to go. Well, I was wrong. PR professionals need to put themselves out there as much as possible. They should get a blog, Facebook, Twitter, or even their own website. Now, through this class I have a Twitter!! Woo!!

3. I also learned about PR firms. I learned what they do, their advantages, their disadvantages, and how they charge their clients. This was very important, because I would say many people will end up in a PR firm sometime in their career and I really did not know anything about PR firms.

4. Through another NewsU course I learned a lot about all of the laws and things about PR. What you can and cannot do. I don’t know about you, but I personally do not want to be sued!

5. I learned a tremendous amount of information from my interview with a PR professional!!! I wish I could list everything, but one main thing he said was to stay grounded and stick to what you believe. Oh, and that writing is VERY important!

6. The media is very important in PR, which I learned. I learned about commercials, the purpose of media messages, and principles of media literacy.

7. How to protect yourself from invasion of privacy is very important. You do not want people stealing your words or pieces.

8. I learned several differences between public relations vs. advertising vs. marketing vs. journalism. There are so many, but they are all different from each other in many ways, but are still connected.

9. This is very important for PR!! I learned the NECESSARY skills that you need to have. You need to have written and interpersonal communication, research, negotiation, creativity, logistics, facilitation, and problem solving skills.

10. And last, but not least, I learned the communication cycle, which contains the sender, the message, channel, receiver, feedback, and the noise.


I really learned a lot from this class and it was very helpful for anyone! I recommend that everyone take it whether it is in your major or not!


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