Social Service Organizations and Health Organizations…

Social service organizations and health organizations are the two aspects of public relations that I will be covering in my presentation. Our chapter focuses mainly on nonprofit, health, and education organizations.

First is social service organizations. Basically this is what social service organizations are:

  • They serve the needs of individuals, families, and the public in various ways through different groups (ex: cultural, religious, social service, etc.)
  • Most of these organizations have two roles. 1) Service 2) Advocacy
  • Common examples of social service organizations are Goodwill, American Red Cross, YMCA, and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.
Like mentioned in my first bullet point there are many different groups that people serve through.
The cultural organizations participate in the cultural aspects of nonprofit organizations in the United States. Some examples of these would be libraries, museums of art, history, and natural sciences, and the Smithsonian Institution.
Many of these organizations receive their funding from the government, but some of receive money from private supporters.
This was just one group/organization that is part of a social service organization. There are many other groups that I will talk about in my presentation (religious and philanthropic).
The other aspect that I will be talking about in my presentation are health organizations. There are two types of organizations in the health department.
  1. Hospitals- nonprofit and for-profit organizations
  2. Private and government agencies. These agencies serve the public by providing things like health care, funding for health initiatives, and oversight. Some common names that you might be familiar with are Medicare, Medicaid, etc.
A main point in health organizations for PR professionals is that they need to be able to handle any type of situation, and they need to be promoting and doing campaigns.  I will give you some helpful strategies and tactics for campaigns in the health world.
Both of these topics have to do with public relations in a great way and this is just a little sneak peek as to what is to come.

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