PR Podcast!

I listened to a podcast tonight from Trafcom News Podcast and this specific podcast was about storytelling and tips for good storytelling. PR has a lot to do with storytelling.  The ladies in this podcast talk about how storytelling needs to be used in selling a product or writing a story for a magazine or newspaper. They say that people remember stories better facts, which I agree with. These ladies give five main points for good storytelling.  Here is a brief summary of what they are:

  1. Keep the story concise. Use basic points, you are not writing a novel!
  2. Keep it real. You cannot engage employees if you are not real with them. You also have to admit/realize that there is always conflict and villains in a story, but there are also heroes and you need to recognize this.
  3. Develop your characters. Even though the story is short, you do not want dry characters. No one does.
  4. Make sure your story has a point (this is kind of obvious)! People do not like to relate facts, they like stories.
  5. Relate to your audience with a common ground. Know your audience and see how you can get them involved.
I really enjoyed this podcast! I listened to a few others, but this one stood out to me a lot more.
I think that PR students can relate to podcasts because these are real people who you hear and it is much easier to relate to them. I think it helps us to listen to PR professionals about certain topics rather than reading blogs. You get a better feel for their emotion and what they really stress about unlike a blog post.
I also think this might relate to PR students because it is like a radio show. Personally, I do not like radio talk shows, but I would much rather listen to a radio show than read it.
I think we should involve this in our school work as well. Have our books read out loud in a podcast and have discussions on it.
Who’s with me?

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