Favorite PR Blogs

Ever have two favorites? You can’t just pick one, well that is my problem. I have two favorite PR blogs…so far!

Well first of all, I try to keep up on the things about celebrities (mostly stuff on the news or magazine), and not in a creepy way. I am not a huge fan of the Kardashian reality show, but I know who they are. I had heard about the marriage and to my surprise (72 days later) there is a major news broadcast about a divorce.

So naturally this is one of my favorite PR blogs because it is about celebrities and current things going on in the U.S…This blog is called Kim Kardashian’s Marriage: PR stunt…or PR stunt?

I love keeping up with news like this. I think it is a girl thing, but hey there are guys out there that could like this. I found it very interesting and very relevant.

My second favorite would have to be a very informative blog since I am a student and need to learn things in the business. This professional blog is called 5 Ways to Respond to Nasty Facebook Comments.

It was very helpful for me because a lot of times when someone gives a bad rep about your company you will want to come up with an explanation (excuse) or just fight them back, but one main point that I got from this blog was to apologize and see what you could do to help.  Do not ignore the comment. You need to maintain the companies image and you need to do everything possible to make that customer happy, or at least give them a good image of your company (and that would be you being nice and fixing things).

There are many more PR blogs out there that I like, and ones that I am sure I still have to find. I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs, and most of them are relevant to me or things of today.




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