Defamation, Invasion of privacy, Copyright…..protect yourself!!

So I just took a NewsU course online and learned so much about privacy and a whole bunch of other things.  This is great information for people who blog, write, and take pictures. I just wanted to share some things with you that I learned so here it goes!

First, here are some definitions that might be helpful!

  • Defamation is an injury to someone’s reputation caused by the publication of falsehoods.
  • In defamation there are two categories. One is public figures are people who are famous and they have to prove that the person acted with actual malice.  The second is private figures who are the people who are not famous and the state sets their own rules about defamation, but they must prove that the publisher was at least negligent.

Ways to protect yourself from defamation liability:

1. Being as accurate as possible.

2. Use reliable resources.

3. Correcting or retracting your mistakes.

4. Be cautious when posting negative information.


These are some way to protect yourself from invasion of privacy:

1. Report in topics and facts that are legitimately news worthy.

2. Gather information in public places and from publicly available source

3. Where possible, get consent from the people you are writing or talking about.


Ways to avoid copyright liability:

1. Stick to the facts and avoid taking someone else’s creative expression.

2. Use your own works.

3. Seek the copyright of the owner to use their work.

4. Make sure you use the information fairly.


There was a lot of good information in this course and I know people in my public relations class have taken this, so I wonder what they got out of it?

This course made me think about protecting myself with things I say and write, but also not taking or using other people’s information without consent from them because it could cause major problems.

I hope you enjoyed this!!

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