I am not going to talk about the kind of measuring you do for baking a cake, but rather the measuring of a campaign. I will discuss how to measure the effectiveness and why it is important.

First, how do we measure how effective a campaign is?

From our Think Public Relations book, I found that there are three levels of measurement.

1. Basic, which would be compilations of message distribution and media placement.

2. Intermediate, deals with measuring the audiences awareness, comprehension, and retention.

3. Advanced, measures the changes in attitudes, behaviors, and opinions.


For basic (which I am mostly going to talk about):

     Some of the ways to measure a campaign would be to count how many stories, letters, photos, newpapers, etc. are produced and given out.  This process however brings up some controversy for public relation professionals.  They say that it is meaningless because it counts QUANTITY and not QUALITY. They do have something there.

Another form of measurement is called baseline. This is used to measure the audiences attitudes and opinions before, during, and after the event.


NOW, let’s talk about why measuring is important because I think that is something th

at a lot of us are wondering (just like me).

In Think Public Relations, it tells me that measuring a campaign helps PR practitioners make good adjustments in their public relations practice.

This book also states that in today’s world we are moving towards a more systematic way of measuring a campaign and what not. They said it is this way because all parts of an organization are now getting increased pressure and they all have to prove their value. That is a tough competition I’d say!!

There is a lot more information on measuring campaigns in the Think Public Relations book that is very helpful, but I just tried to highlight some of the main points and I hope you find this interesting!


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