Internship Tips!!….Very Helpful!

I was looking at an article to write for my blog and by surprise I came across this one!

It works perfect for me and many college students and graduates. It answers three common questions that college students have.


1. Do I have to have an internship? and if so, how many?

2. How are internships better than what I am learning in school?

3. What do I look for when searching for an internship?

Jonathan Magnin is a PR intern at a major company and offers us college students some answers to these questions from his article on PR Daily.

Answer #1:    He says you don’t have to, but to get a good entry-level paying job you need to.  He says the more the better, but they have to be good internships.  They should pertain to your major and go towards something that you want to do in your future. He suggests doing one every summer between your college years.

Answer #2: Internships are better because they offer you experience.  You cannot gain that experience from college, and that is why you need internships.  He said that companies are more likely to hire a college student who has an internship or two than a student who has all “A’s” in school.

Answer #3: When you are looking for an internship, look for something that suites you.  He said internships are like dating. If you cannot be yourself then it is not worth it.  You don’t want to get an internship at a school if you are not an education major. Does that make sense?  Get an internship within your guidelines.

I know these questions and answers helped me and will help me in the future as well.  Internships are something that none of us really like to do because they offer little or no pay, but in the long run it will help us in our future.

Did this help you?

I hope so! 🙂

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