A new PR Practitioner?…

A new PR practitioner?…Firm or Department?…Well I am here to help you decide, hopefully.

For a new guy coming into the field PR firm is your best option. Both have lots of advantages and disadvantages, but a PR firm is best for beginners. The main reason is because you can have a mentor and you can learn as you go with a mentor.  I will lay down some of the pros and cons to each and see what you think.

Pros to PR Firm:

  1. Experience gained quickly.
  2. It is fast-paced, exciting, and this means a chance to move up quickly.
  3. You can network with other companies, which leads to better jobs.
  4. You get to work with a mentor, learn new skills, and polish up your abilities.

Pros to PR Department:

  1. Have the same client so you get to know the organization really well.
  2. Not as much daily pressure.
  3. There is a less turnover rate.
  4. There are more resources available.
  5. The salaries are higher and benefits are better.

Cons to PR Firm:

  1. A high daily pressure.
  2. A higher turnover rate.
  3. Resources are limited.
  4. Salaries are lower and less insurance and medical benefits.

Cons to PR Department:

  1. The jobs are harder to find if you don’t have experience.
  2. There is little room for growth.
  3. Have to be strong in all areas.
  4. Not a lot of time for networking.
  5. Have the same client, which can be boring.

Even though some might think that PR departments have more advantages and less disadvantages overall, I think that for a new PR practitioner you need to go towards a PR firm.  Since you are new, you do not have strength in all areas yet.  You need someone to help you, like a mentor at a PR firm.  Even though a PR firm is fast-paced I think it is the best option for a new PR practitioner.  What do you think?

All of this information came from Think Public Relations.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. paulwhamilton1990
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 21:03:00

    I agree. Beginning in a firm is the more practical choice, having a mentor provides a faster and more thorough learning experience. Maybe after you have been working in a PR firm for some time it might be smart to begin looking for opportunities to move into a PR Department. You already have the required PR experience and they offer a more stable, long term job with a higher average salary.


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