E-books and Businesses?…

I am sure that all of us agree that E-books have become more popular, but could businesses start using them?

Here are some interesting things I found on this subject in PR Daily in an article by Shel Holtz:

  • 1.     The Amazon Kindle library is now filled with titles that were produced by people who did not want a publisher because these titles are now very simple to format, they can do it themselves.
  • 2.     E-books have changed publishing because no longer do books have to be a certain number of pages. They are E-books.
  • 3.     E-books have opened the doors for other people to start publishing titles like people from newspapers and magazines.
  • 4.     E-books are a bargain. You can get some of them for free or five dollars.
  • 5.     Some predict that some organization’s blogs will be coming to E-book as well.
Do you think that businesses will start using E-books.  I think it is definitely possible. In fact, a Canadian financial company has already been creating articles, videos, and blogs.
How soon will it be before this all goes down?…who knows, but I believe it will be in the near future.

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